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The Bear Codes

Directions: Fill out the form to describe yourself and the NBCS bearcode will be generated automatically!

Beard: This is mostly the length but also incorporates things like thickness/denseness and "kempt"ness.

For people who only wear van Dyke-style beards (commonly, but incorrectly referred to as "goatees"): until this gets worked out in a later version, mentally fill in the shaved places and use that.

CUB Attribute:

Generally, junior up and coming bears. Qualities of cubs (but not requirements): youth, sexually passive ("bottom"), daddy fixated, etc.

Varies strongly depending on the situation

DADDY Attribute:

Generally, older bears or aggressive. Qualities of daddies (but not requirements): older, sexually aggressive ("tops"), paternal.

Varies strongly depending on the situation

Sometimes guys swing between these two things depending on who they're with. If you marked something other than "Not" for both cub and daddy, then also select one of these:

ENDOWMENT Attribute:

For the size queen in all/most of us. Size doesn't necessarily mean LENGTH here!

FUR Attribute:

GROPE Attribute:

KINK Attribute:

MUSCLE Attribute:

Queen/Queer Attribute:

Remember - this is always taken positively!

RUGGED Attribute:

You know - the other kind of camping...

SEX/SLUT Attribute:

TALLNESS Attribute:

WEIGHT Attribute:

Actually this is more of a FRAME description than absolute pounds/kilos.

PECULIAR Attribute:

Some bears are just generally idiosyncratic.

... and I'm one of them!



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